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Vietnamese cashew nuts in China

China is the most intimate country in Vietnam, China imports almost all kinds of products of Vietnam, in which Vietnam cashew exports to the country ranked third after the United States, the Netherlands.

China is an easy market and easy to export to this country, because the easiest procedure and the goods of Vietnam export the most. At the same time, China is the second largest export market of Vietnam (after the United States and before the EU). Exports to China have always enjoyed strong growth.

About Vietnam agricultural products in which Vietnamese cashew nuts in China are like other countries, are appreciated for quality, flavor, smooth, big grain, big cashew nuts , wide, full stomach

Why are cashew nuts of Vietnam better than other cashew nuts?

Vietnamese cashew nuts are generally medium grain, not large, but solid grain, moist, crunchy and crunchy. The special taste differs from that of other countries. Therefore, cashew nut of Vietnam is higher than other types of India, Africa Article ....

We would like to introduce some pictures of products and processing process of Vietnam.

As an export business, the mission of KHANH VUA Import Export Co., Ltd is to bring cashew nuts to market in China and other countries.

Currently, besides cashew products, KHANH VUA IMPORT-EXPORT CO., LTD also supplies other agricultural products in the country such as Hai Duong Garlic, Vietnam, Cassava, Chilli, Peanut ... and agricultural products. Imported like Indian Garlic, Dried Onions, Indian Chilli ...

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