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Vietnamese black pepper

KHANH VUA IMPORT-EXPORT CO., LTD introduces customers the source of black pepper for export.

Our black pepper products are being exported to the market such as USA, EU, Japan ... so our products always meet the strict standards of product quality.
We are now expanding our black pepper supply market with the aim of finding potential buyers who need to import.

Black pepper

Below is the process of harvesting and processing pepper
Pepper is harvested when ripened or hard-boiled mature. At this time pepper is full of nutrients, seeds firm, standard capacity 500g / l. Green pepper is harvested by hand, after picking pepper, pepper is put into the pepper threshers. The purpose is to break the pepper out of the pepper.
- After separating pepper, pepper is dried. At the drying stage of the seeds, the peasants often dig the seeds to ensure they are dry. Spread about 3 sunshine seeds green, red to black that is the color of black pepper.
- Once the pepper has been dried to a moisture level of less than 13 degrees is dry, we conduct goats.
- At the stage of goats, the purpose is to classify black pepper to quality, pepper, impurities such as pepper, pepper, pepper


Harvest pepper

You are interested in importing and exporting black pepper and cucumber please contact us

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