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Trade opportunities to import Lychee from Vietnam 2018

For the purpose to bring good quality lychee product are grown under the standards of Vietgap with special prices to the global market.
Our company, KHANH VUA Import Export Co., Ltd, the partner of garden owners, having a desire to supply lychee for exportation including: Thanh Ha litchi and Luc Ngan - Bac Giang litchi. 
Our markets: Australia, China, USA ...

Vải thiều Lục Ngạn

We would like to introduce 2 kinds of lychees that meet export standards as follows:
+ Luc Ngan - Bac Giang lychee:
Harvesting period in Luc Ngan is later than other regions growing lychee and other litchi species is in June until July each year. When ripe, the peel has cerise color on the background of green (bright red peel) smooth, spherical large round fruit. The average weight is 20-25 grams, small seeds, thick pulp, sweet, less rotted fruits, particular aroma.
For sensory nature, Luc Ngan lychee has the basic characteristics as follows:
- Average weight (g / fruit): 20.05-24.02
- Thickness (cm): 0.83-1.02
- Fruit pulp: thick, white color, very crunchy.
- Fruit peel: thin, bright red when ripe, smooth
- Odor: typical aroma.
- Taste: sweet, not sour, not acrid
+ Thanh Ha - Hai Duong lychee 
Thanh Ha - Hai Duong lychee has harvesting  period from April to June every year, Thanh Ha lychee has thin peel, thick pulp, tiny seeds, watery and very fragrant.
Thanh Ha lychee is the smallest litchi among the current litchi varieties. Normal size of these lychees is usually just small as a toe. The peel is quite smooth, we can check by eyes or touch directly peel by our hands. When ripe, Thanh Ha lychee has light pink color. Thick watery white pulp and small seeds are the typical characteristics of Thanh Ha lychee. Many fruits even have not seeds.
* Distinguish Thanh Ha lychee and Luc Ngan- Bac Giang lychee
Additionally, Thanh Ha lychee and Luc Ngan lychee also have their own characteristics. Luc Ngan lychee has bright red color while Thanh Ha lychee has light pink color when ripe. Luc Ngan lychee fruit size is bigger than Thanh Ha lychee. Another distinguishing characteristic of these two lychee species is that Luc Ngan lychee has a thin brown membrane between pulp and seed while Thanh Ha lychee has not.

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