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Tan Cuong specialty tea - Thai Nguyen

KHANH VUA EXPORT AND IMPORT CO., LTD export the products of Tan Cuong tea - Thai Nguyen for domestic and foreign markets. 

Product information

Tan Cuong - Thai Nguyen tea is strictly managed according to VIEPGAP standards, clean and safe standards for producers and consumers. The product of the cooperative is distilled "Essence from nature - Bust of traditional substance" - With the consumption of 19000 tons / year with the area of ​​tea plantation 1500 ha; Committed to bring tea connoisseur Tan Cuong - Thai Nguyen main products origin- clean- safe.

Product packaging of Tan Cuong Tea - Thai Nguyen

Features of Tan Cuong - Thai Nguyen tea

Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen tea is processed according to the strict VIETGAP standards according to each tea garden, making records of traceability each product to each tea garden, picking. Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong tea leaves are hand picked: before picking tea gardens with clean water, draining early in the morning without the sun to limit the austerity of tea. Net bin harvesting equipment ensures that the tea product does not wither or crumble when harvested. The time of harvest tea bud until the drying firing within 1-2 hours to ensure tea leaves remain fresh. Tea buds are picked according to the standards of each type of tea before delivery. Tea is processed according to the traditional manual processing procedures, to ensure the quality and taste of tea, especially rolling and firing techniques, incense stasis only by heirloom craftsmen. Tea products include: tea buds, “tom non“ tea ; “non” tea; special “non” tea. The process of continuous drying firing the product should make a difference in the brand of raw materials 100% natural, pure nature, with the specific flavor of Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen products: scent light aroma green rice, cool, drink the original austerity, suck, is characteristic of Tan Cuong tea without any area.

Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen tea is hand-picked

Buds tea: Is the standard tea harvested 1 buds 3 young leaves; Mainly TRI777 tea. Tea does not have a container but wrapped in tin 200 grams or 500 grams depending on the request.
“Tom non” tea: is a tea that is harvested according to the standards of 1 buds 2 young leaves; Tea is mainly Tea Lai F1, medium tea. Tea is designed box tea tea-shaped finely tea, each tea bag has 3 boxes with a total of 300 grams / bag.
“Non” tea: It is harvested according to standard 1 buds 1 young leaves. Processing by manual process and by heirloom tea makers. Product features are characteristic curved wing, small, soft. Smell more passionate; it is more refreshing, longer aftertaste. Tea varieties mainly from F1 hybrid tea and Trung Lan tea are mixed in the optimal ratio for the quality of the secret. Tea box according to customers' wish. There are two types of 200 grams and 300 grams with their own bags and boxes designed with fine, beautiful, ethereal blue color.
Special “non” tea: It is harvested according to very strict standards, picky: only 1 buds incubated 1 new young leaves. Carry out the process of manual processing carefully, carefully and periodically by artisan tea maker to carry out, to obtain special green tea black products, small wings like natural spiral needles in the shape of the tea buds, heads go by the tip, compact. This is the essence of tea. Especially when the tea flavor incense, taste, color are no tea match. Tea is selected from two specific varieties of Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong Tea are tea in the midland and F1 hybrid tea, mixed by the rate of the secret for optimal healing. Tea box according to customers wishes are two types of 200 grams and 300 grams. There are sophisticated design box, lucky red color.
We have the product Essential tea. However, due to the limited number of products, the cooperative only accepts small orders.

Typical product certification

Standard production process of Vietgap

Certificate of product quality

Certificate of right to use

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