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Supply of Fresh red Onion from India

Khanh vua Exco.,CO supplies the red Onion directly from India with best price in market, with all the certificates of origin and quality.

We supply to agriculture trade hub, whole sale markets, and the agriculture processing companies. Besides we do cooperate with the importer from Malaysia, Indonesia and China..

Information of the Red Onion.

Red Onion: fresh

Size: 20-35 mm

Packing: mesh bag with 25-30kgs or customized according to customer order

Expiry: 90-120 days

Origin: India

Red Onion and its health benefits:

Anti-infection: red onion has the ability to against infection, the effect of pasteurization respiratory

Is mainly seen when eat fresh or mix with vinegar. Chewing the fresh onion may be irritating but it is also the good way to pasteurize throat area by runny nose, tears to remove all the bacteria.

Strengthen the immune system: flavonoids are found in the onion active as the anti-oxidant which prevent and against the tumor the form and grow, at the same time it helps boosting the immune system.
Good for Liver, heart:

Onion contains big amount of sulfur which boosts energy for liver. Digesting a half of onion daily may help to reduce level of bad cholesterol which helps prevent the heart attack and choke.

Prevent anemia, reduce inflammation: because it contains considerable amount of iron, therefore consume the red onion may help prevent the anemia, some of the research actually show that the food which contain red onion will help to reduce the Arthritis and gout symptoms dramatically.

 Cancer prevention: quercetin found in red onion is the key in preventing cancer tumor, especially colon cancer. Fructo-oligosaccharides in onion helps the development of beneficial bacteria in colon will reduce the risk of tumor grown in colon

Stabilize blood pressure: Onion naturally help to stabilize the blood pressure, besides it also dilute the blood, destroy the blockage and filter out the blood from the bad cholesterol. Besides, onion has good effect on treating fever because of the unique spicy flavor of onion increase the blood circulation and increase sweating.

Strengthen bone structure: Onion contains a lot of good minerals which prevent the degenerate progress of the bone structure. Therefore it extremely useful for woman in reducing the risk of Osteoporosis after menopause

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