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Seedless lemon

Seedless lemon is newly known in the market however it is preferred by the consumer in both domestic and international markets. Seedless Lemon is expected to be a profitable business to farmer.

The seedless lemon tree

Therefore the Khanhvua Exco.,ltd is gladly to be the supplier of this seedless lemon seedling, guarantee the seedling is very well resistant to disease, especially the lemon does not contain any seed, succulent. The lemon fruit can be harvested after 19 months, productivity can be reached as high as 150-200kg/plant/year, equalvalent to 50-70 ton/ha. Seedless lemon produces the fruits all year long. The standard weight is about 150gr-200gr. Mutual lemons with equal fruit size, eye-catching look.

The advantages of this seedless lemon is that it can be grown all around the year, but the most productive period to harvest is in February and august.

We are exporting this seedless seedling plant to international market such as idian, china.


Mutual Seedless lemon has the green turned yellow color

Lemon cell look very jiucy

Product specification

- Seedless plant can grow up to 5-6m

- There is no thorn grown on the tree trunk

- Round shape leaves, cluster fruits

- Well resistant to diseases and good immune system

- 18 months to harvest the lemons.

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