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Remove obstacles and reduce goods congestion for Cat Lai port

Before the goods congestion situation due to the overload at Cat Lai port, at the meeting between the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department  and the leaders of Saigon New Port Corporation on 4th January 2018, Deputy Director in charge of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department Dinh Ngoc Thang handled many contents to reduce the overload for Cat Lai  port, creating the most favourable conditions for import and export activities.

Deputy Director General of Saigon Newport Corporation Ngo Minh Thuan, said that Cat Lai Port is getting seriously stuck with cargoes, leading to the situation that cargoes arrived at Cai Mep - Ba Ria - Vung Tau port and Hiep Phuoc port. But, businesses cannot bring them to Cat Lai Port to open Customs declarations. Currently 18,000 tues of imported goods are in stock at Tan Cang Cai Mep, which cannot be taken to Cai Lai yet.

The serious congestion of goods at Cat Lai Port was caused by typhoon no. 16, the Ho Chi Minh Port Authority imposed a ban on ships in or out of the port for two days, leading to the accumulation of goods and ships. Besides, this time is on the occasion of New Year holiday when a lot of goods are imported, causing serious congestion at the ports and the capacity of yards exceeds 95% - this is an emergency ( 98% is considered as paralysis)

Saigon New Port Corporation has implemented many solutions to limit the increase of congestion, such as: gathering goods, making use of every empty corners to put goods in; moving goods to Hiep Phuoc Port; and applying more conditions to receive goods from Cai Mep Port.

Regarding the above situation, Ngo Minh Thuan stated, for imported shipments for which the port of discharge in the bill of lading and manifest is Tan Cang Cat Lai, but the ship arrives at Tan Cang Hiep Phuoc, if the shipments have not been moved to Tan Cang Cat Lai, they are supposed to be cleared and delivered to Hiep Phuoc Port without an amendment to the name of the port of discharge in the bill of lading and manifest in the customs dossier.

For inventories at Cat Lai port, it should be processed quickly and shifted between ports. Currently about 400 goods containers have been locked at Cat Lai port for a long time but have not yet been handled.

At the meeting, Deputy Director in charge of Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department Dinh Ngoc Thang said, he has postponed many other meetings to immediately solve problems causing the congestion of goods at Cat Lai port.

According to Dinh Ngoc Thang, congestion and overload at Cat Lai port at the end of the year, which is the annual cycle, plus the impact of typhoon no.16, makes the congestion more serious. In the long run, we need to solve basic causes. In the short term, we should solve the problems in the spirit of creating favourable conditions for enterprises, thereby ensuring the Customs management

Firstly, the Deputy Director directed the Customs Branch at Sai Gon port zone 1 to cooperate with Saigon Newport Corporation to review and re-evaluate all inventories at the port. Accordingly, 346 containers which are locked must be settled in a timely fashion

Recently, on 29/12/2017, the General Department of Customs has issued Decision No. 4876 / QD-TCHQ to recognize the place of gathering, for inspecting and supervising imported and exported goods in Cat Lai port, Ho Chi Minh city of Giang Nam Logistics Joint Stock Company. This will be one solution to share difficulties and reduce the overload for Cat Lai port. The Customs Branch at Sai Gon port zone 1 needs to deploy the solution quickly and this place into operation.

The competent divisions and Customs branches shall review the documents and regulations related to the transportation and storage of goods among ports for implementation, and shall propose to amend inappropriate regulations. According to Customs Branch at Saigon port zone 1, the number of Customs declarations in the early days of 2018 significantly reduced compared to the end of 2017.