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Mung bean Argentina

Our company supply the agricultural products in dried form such as Argentine Beans, Azuki Beans Argentina, Peanuts, Pepper, Indian Chilli, Banana ... source of domestic and imported goods, quality assurance Highly selected by the company from the production and packaging products to export standards, as well as our company imported directly from reputable suppliers in the US market, Australia , India, Thailand, Tunisia, China ...
Currently our company offers wholesale and retail Mung bean in bulk Bulgarian beans in the domestic market and export, ensuring high quality goods, no preservatives, no residue of pesticides SO2 and CO2.
Please contact us for more complete information about Argentine Green bean.
Mung bean: Dry in full shells
Made in: Argentina
Process of green bean production:
- Green beans select large and uniform seeds
- Choose fresh seeds without pests
Mung bean Argentine Moisture 11,15%
Weight of foreign matter 0.1%
Broken percentage of 0.05%
Color loss 0.6%
Size Under Size: 6.5%
- No additives
+ No So2
+ No Co2
Green Bean Packing:
Packed in 250gsm bag / bag and packed in PE / PP 1KG-2KG-10KG / bag or on request.

In Oriental medicine, Mung bean are sweet, tanh, welding properties, non toxic, tonic, heat bar, cool liver, detoxification.

Cure sunburn

When sunburned, suddenly faint sunburn, just sharp Mung beanshell thick then drink will quickly recover.

Beautiful skin

Women over the age of 40, skin is easy to lose collagen and elastin. At this time the skin will be pigmented, resulting in pigmentation, less smoothness and no fresh pink. 250g bean sprouts mixed with 10ml vinegar, 1/3 teaspoon and seasoning powder, soy sauce, 5g white sugar, 10g roasted peanuts.


For adolescents aged 13 to 21, facial skin is usually dry and prone to plaque. Use 250g bean sprouts, washed, finely chopped, add 15ml fresh bitter melon seeds. Mix well and divide into 2 parts. Store in the refrigerator as a mask for about 25 minutes. Use every night.

Cure gout effectively

Mung bean have the effect of heat and detoxification effect, help reduce swelling, regulate the green peanut shell is not toxic and has a toxic effect, used to treat boils.Good people eat a bowl of Mung bean tea in the morning after waking up. Patients should maintain such diet within 30 days.

Helps the heart healthy

Mung beancontain anti-inflammatory and high levels of complex vitamin B, which is used to improve blood vessel health. Mung bean also help reduce triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol, which is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Reduced risk of breast and prostate cancer

Preventing stomach cancer

Mung bean contain high levels of antioxidants that help protect the body. In addition, the phytonutrient compounds contained in green beans also work to prevent stomach cancer.

Improve immune system

Using each bowl of Mung bean porridge daily will help you boost the immune system effectively, lowering 20%. Fiber in green beans also has the ability to remove toxins in the body, thus helping to prevent colon cancer.

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