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Machinery Lines Import-Export

Are you a manufacturer or just looking for a machinery line for production? Do you need an expert to answer your questions regarding machinery lines import-export?

Khanh VUA Import-Export Co., Ltd. specializes in providing consultancy and support fo domestic and international machinery linesproduct  importers and exporters.

Those interested please visit us athttp://hptrade.com| http://xnkkhanhvua.com and sign up for one of our support packages including: VIP, DIAMOND, GOLD, and REGULAR.

Methods for stimulating import and export:

  • If you require, Khanh VUA can provide you with an expert consultant who is skillfully trained according to international industry standards for advices and to keep track of transactions. With professional skills and experience in import-export, our consultant can assist you in: providing advices regarding your own strengths and weaknesses, assisting in customer service and consulting you on professional tasks such as making export receipt, creating quotations for foreign customers, welcoming customers to Vietnam, road-sea-air logistics (express shipping, sample provision), and international transactions. We will make sure that your transactions are absolutely safe.
  • If you sign up for one of our membership package, Khanh VUA will provide a detailed quotation at the time of signing or negotiation of extra % commission fee (the value of the contract) upon successful contract negotiation.
  • You will only have to pay Khanh VUA a commission fee of 1% to 3% (the value of each contract depending on each type of products)  once  you have successfully received payment to your bank account.
  • Those interested can visit our website at http://www.xnkkhanhvua.com.vn| http://www.hptrade.com.vn to get more information on our services and how to become our members.

Fill out our registration form and email us at: xnkkhanhvua@gmail.com.

For direct contact, call us via: +84.931 590 223 | +84.931 590 224.

Our management board will receive and answer your inquiry as soon and accurate as possible.

For more information regarding our terms of service, please contact us via the following information:


Address: Black 22, VinhNiem Ward, Le Chan Dist, Haiphong

Office: 6th Floor, 739 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Le Chan Dist, Haiphong City, Vietnam

Telephone/Hotline: +84.931 590 223 | +84.931 590 224 – TEL/FAX: +84.2253742186

Email: xnkkhanhvua@gmail.com Website: http://www.xnkkhanhvua.com | www.hptrade.com.vn


Machinery Machinery Lines Import-Export