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Lack of planning for renewable energy

The government should soon make a plan of renewable energy development. In planning this, it is necessary to bring together top local consultants and technical experts with high qualifications as well as experience and select foreign consultants to assist.

Basing on renewable energy

Although the adequate electricity has been provided for socioeconomic development and people's living, fossil fuels such as coal and gas are becoming increasingly exhausted. This poses a significant challenge to the energy sector when the government sets a target for Vietnam's energy sector to strive that by 2020, Vietnam will have to generate 265 billion kWh of electricity and 2070 billion kWh by 2030. (Currently over 170 billion kWh of commercial electricity).

Speaking at the "National Conference held on July 28 on Small and Medium Hydropower, Renewable Energy", Tran Viet Ngai, Chairman of the Vietnam Energy Association, said that to balance the above objectives, it is necessary to properly calculate with aim at exploiting the available potential of the domestic energy sources that are able to exploit and power sources are found from other countries in the region to provide additional electricity to Vietnam, such as: Laos, Cambodia, and China.

However, the purchased electricity from abroad is not significant at present, so the power from domestic resources that is a source of small and medium hydropower should be invested and exploited, especially the renewable energy from wind, solar and biomass are a need for investment and exploitation.

It can be seen that these are all resources that Vietnam has many favorable conditions to exploit, especially renewable energy from the wind, solar and biomass.

Mr. Ngai cited the solar power in Vietnam is available annually. With today's modern technology in the industrial revolution 4.0, the wind turbine manufacturing is not as expensive as before. With winds of 5m /s or more, the wind turbines generate electricity from efficiently. Therefore, every year, it is possible to utilize from 2,000 to 3,000 hours to exploit this solar wind power.

Moreover, the price of solar power in Vietnam which has just been approved by the Government is 2,086 VND / kWh (equivalent to 9.35 cents / kWh), which is the most attractive and best price for the domestic and foreign investors at home and abroad.

Similarly, Vietnam's wind resources are plentiful. With long coastline advantages and investment in wind power projects is very favorable.

It is estimated that the wind turbines throughout the country's coastline are able to be fixed to generate tens of thousands of megawatts of wind power; including: the midland and mountainous delta, can generate wind power at different wind speeds and different turbine heights.

With the current technology, the speed of the only 5m / s wind can be generated effectively; the power of this form of energy can reach tens of thousands of MW.

The need for planning

In 2015, the Government issued a strategy of the Renewable Energy Development, but so far around 100 MW of wind power, 15 MW of solar power and 10 MW of biomass have been generated. "These numbers are too small to compare with its endless potential," said a representative of Vietnam Energy Association.

Speaking about difficulties in the field of the renewable energy, Pham Viet Hung, the representative of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), said that the plans for renewable energy in general and solar power in particular (except hydropower) have newly had the regional planning, the planning area of the project has not been available yet. This is an "input" for the investors who have identified the location, avoiding the inadequacies in the planning of the same area.

In addition, the capacity of the renewable energy is unstable due to its dependence on the wind speed and the daylight in different areas. All based on the weather ... Therefore, this is a great pressure of EVN in ensuring the stability of the power system.

In addition, the system of specialized standards in the field of renewable energy is lack and no synchronization.

With these difficulties, Hung suggested that in order to develop renewable energy, it is necessary to continue to create policy mechanisms to attract all investment resources for renewable energy. "A capital investment of $ 10.8 billion per year for the period 2021-2030 is a huge amount of money, so it is necessary to mobilize all resources to meet the financial issues," Hung said.

At the same time, the provincial and national level plans for provincial and national renewable energy development should be set up and synchronized with the development plan of the power grid. According to Hung, the solar power projects scattered all over the grid connection system of the project is also a problem to set out.

From the local perspective, Pham Van Hau, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Ninh Thuan province, said that the Government has advocated the development of wind power. No projects in Ninh Thuan province from 2009 to now have been operated yet although Ninh Thuan is the most potential locality for the renewable energy. The problem is caused by the price policy, the current price of 7.8 cents / kWh has not attracted and encouraged investors to wind projects.

The same source of the solar energy, after the policy of development, has created a strong investment wave, but it is necessary to plan how to develop the solar power plan and to set up the solar power area where there are potential and advantages ... In order to prioritize planning and calling for investment as well as investment in infrastructure systems for this type of energy. "The government and ministries need to pay attention to attracting the new investment with the right target and the most effective use and exploitation of solar energy,” Hau said.

Agreement with this issue, according to Tran Viet Ngai, In order to exploit the renewable energy well, the Government should soon make the planning of the renewable energy development. In the planning, it is necessary to bring together the local consultants and the top technical experts with high qualifications and experience and select foreign consultants to assist.


Lack of planning for renewable energy