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Invitation to visit our company

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of our management board at Khanh VUA Import-Export Co., Ltd., we would like to extend our greetings to your company.

Khanh VUA Import-Export Co., Ltd. was established and currently operates in accordance with business law and business registration provided by the Haiphong Department of Planning and Investment. We specialize in product, trade, and business image promotion in areas such as: Apparel – Footwear, Woodwork – Furniture, Seafood, Agricultural products, etc.

2017 saw the sixth time the city of Haiphong organized the Festival celebrating 62 years Haiphong Liberation Day (13/5/1955 – 13/5/2017) with the motto “Haiphong reaching out to the ocean”. The Festival, honoring both the land and the people of Haiphong, show the aspiration to reach a new height of the city’s people and authorities”

Khanh VUA would like to invite domestic and international businesses, organizations, and individuals who are coming to our city to attend the Red Flamboyant Festival or just visiting the city to come and visit our company to see how we operate as well as get to know our business model.

Detailed plan is as follow:

From 10/05/2017


Address: 6th Floor, 739 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Le Chan Dist, Haiphong City, Vietnam

Furthermore, if you are interested in visiting famous sites in Haiphong and Quang Ninh, or other services such as food and accommodation; we will provide you with our own support staff.


Khanh VUA Import-Export Co., Ltd. is happy to welcome you to visit our business.

Your participation is very much appreciated and we look forwards to welcoming you.

Thank you!


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