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Indian Company Looking to Import Cinnamon Bark and Bowder

Mr. Murtaza, director of an Indian company with a branch here in Vietnam, is looking to import cinnamon bark and powder.

Mr. Muratza’s note:

“We are a company established in India in 2000 which specialize in supplying agriculture products such as: ginger, garlic, chili, cinnamon, etc. Currently, we also have a branch here in Vietnam. Through, Khanh VUA Import-Export Co., Ltd., we would like to expand our business network by looking for partners who are in need of importing various agricultural products.”


Cinnamon Bark (Picture for referential purpose only)

Through business deals we conducted with Mr. Murtaza, it can be said that they are a partner with many potentials.


Mr. Murtaza at Khanh VUA’s office

For the above reasons, Khanh VUA Import-Export Co., Ltd. officially release Mr. Murtaza’s request for partners in importing Mr. Murtaza cinnamon bark and powder. We also encourage those who are have those products available for export to contact us. This is a genuine request from a company that has completed many deals before.

Order information:

Product name: Cinnamon bark, cinnamon powder

Packaging: According to beforehand agreements

Quantity:  According to beforehand agreements (Yearly order)

Quotation: competitive prices

Payment method: T/T

Contact: Mr. Murtaza

Those who want to export cinnamon bark and powder, please contact us via the following information:


Address: Black 22, Vinh Niem Ward, Le Chan Dist, Haiphong

Office: 6th Floor, 739 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Le Chan Dist, Haiphong City, Vietnam

Telephone/Hotline: +84.931 590 223 | +84.931 590 224 – TEL/FAX: +84.2253742186

Email: xnkkhanhvua@gmail.com

Website: http://www.xnkkhanhvua.com | www.hptrade.com.v



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