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Green oranges

Dear valued customers!
KHANH VUA EXCO.,LTD would like  to express our sincere gratitude to valued partners and guests for being with us  Recently, we have been providing green oranges in large quantities Green oranges of good export standards do not contain plant protection products, hence good quality and natural scent
Thanks to the application of the VietGAP cultivation model, green oranges are carefully harvested, hence resonably same-sized oranges
We mainly provide green oranges for Middle East and Western countries using sea-air transport
More details about green oranges are as follows:

Green oranges are grown using VietGAP model

Green oranges after harvest

Pruduct information 
Weight (piece/kg): Above 60gr / piece (10-12 piecese / kg)
Packing:  In 10 or 12 kg/ carton or as customer’s requirement
Specification:  Goods export standards with best price
Type: Green oranges
Cultivation type: Common
Grade: Grade AAA
Weight (kg): 0.5
Color: Skin: green brow - Flesh: white
Maturity: Green
Place of Origin: Vietnam
Product Type: Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit
Certification: CO
Size (cm): 10
Maturity: 100%

Health benefits of oranges are as follows
Green oranges are full of fiber which promotes healthy digestion. They prevent stomach ulcer and reflux of the stomach Try adding an orange to your diet, especially if you are chronically constipated Besides, substances in an orange help prevent stomach-related diseases
Good for your skin
Want youthful, flawless and healthy skin? An orange everyday is advisable. Oranges are plenty of vitamin C and beta carotene which help prevent skin aging Oranges are also full of anti-aging substances which help protect your skin from free radicals A glass of orange juice everyday for glowing skin
Prevent skin cancer
Recently, scientists have announced that oranges help prevent skin cancer They contain flavonoids such as hesperetin, and naringenin. Researches have proved that oranges reduce leukaemia in children and breast, liver and large intestine cancer.
Improving health conditions
Drinking oranges with some salt after exercising is a good way for post-workout recovery Because fructose and 85% of orange liquid are quickly absorbed, which helps refresh and recharge
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