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Export Experience in Agriculture

For agricultural products because it directly affects the health of consumers, so in the process of practical work, our Experts have drawn some experience:

• Trade quality and specified labels

• Food safety regulations

• Regulations on plant quarantine

• The issue of customs declaration in advance, complete all procedures and pay all taxes and fees to the authorities to ensure the goods can reach the importer as soon as possible.

• One of the most important considerations for the export of agricultural products is transport, with the need to rent bulk vessels such as rice, cassava chips, etc. It is important to pay attention to the time of shipment, because Leasing rates are calculated in hours.

• Especially, some countries have a policy of protecting their agricultural sector so they will tax a lot of agricultural products so you need to know the policies of the market you want to put in.

• Because the item is characterized by a fast trade, and the price is constantly changing, so the business needs to update prices regularly for customers.


Export Experience in Agriculture