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Binchotan supply

Binchotan supply

Currently KHANH VUA IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD. supplies Binchotan to domestic enterprises and exports to foreign markets.

We would like to give a brief information about binchotan

Binchotan is a kind of high level charcoal with characteristics as hard, long lasting fade away, white charcoal also radiates the smell of baked meats, barbecue or broil, so it is used popularly by Chefs.

Thanks to the structure with a large amount of cavity, white charcoal has capacity  to absorb chemicals in water, toxins in the skin, balance the air humidity, deodorize in the refrigerator, increase blood circulation for the whole body when added to the hot tub, increase soil fertility and balance the negative ions in the house.

Specifications of binchotan:

 Chestnuts, eucalyptus and other plants with export standards is burned to collect Binchotan

 No smoke, no odor, no explosion (able to be used in closed rooms, air conditioning rooms)

 Total heat:> 8,000 Kcal / kgs

 Totality of  humidity: <3%

 Fixed carbon content:> 91%

 Ash content: <2.5%

 Sulfur content (S): 0.01%

 Fire time: 3 - 4 hours (3 times longer than Black charcoal)

Technology to produce white charcoal for people’s consumption is more difficult than black charcoal production. And secret origin of this coal is from ancient China. This technology is applied mainly in Japan, in one province of China and in Korea. Nowadays, the universe admires Japanese coal-making techniques and applies those techniques in the fields of modern science.

- Currently the demand for charcoal in the market is extremely large, but most families and restaurants use black charcoal to bake food. Black charcoal is a a type of coal not burned completely, the amount of impurities still remaining so much makes the grill smell smoke as well as makes grilling process become extremely hard.

- To overcome the above disadvantages, we introduce to the market about this white charcoal which is so popular in Japan, Korea. With characteristics of smoke-free, high heat, long-lasting (burning time from 3 to 4 hour) and especially easy to fire. "This is the future of barbecue."

Notice that black charcoal makes your hands dirty when using. But white charcoal – while binchotan will not  because it's as hard as a ironcast.


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