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A guide to wood transportation procedures

Wood is a commodity that is produced and consumed heavily in Vietnam, so it is also a common carrier in the transportation industry. The transport of each type of wood has its own rules. The following wood transportation instructions guide will help you understand more about these regulations

A guide to wood transportation procedures

The management of timber in the process of transportation is related to many industries and sectors. Therefore, transporting timber is a very sensitive issue. All types of timber when transported far away need to have clear documents. If there is no legal proof that this is legal wood, you may be arrested or fined during transportation.

Vietnam's timber transportation procedures are regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Land Transport, Forest Protection Departments and various government agencies. Here are some common wood transportation procedures.

Guide procedures for transporting planted forest

Decision No. 59/2005 / QD-BNN dated 10 October 2005 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Regulation on inspection and control of forest products. Accordingly, the transportation of planted timber should have the following types of records:

+ The timber profile is prepared by the community, household and individual, certified by the people's committee of the commune, ward or township.

+ Timber with hammer marks of the Forest Protection Department - Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in accordance with the curriculum vitae.

Guide the procedure of transporting used wood

In Chapter II, DECISION OF THE MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Promulgating the Regulation on inspection of the transportation, production and trading of timber and forest products, if it is clear: "In case of used carpentry, What papers should be produced. "

Guide wood transport procedures

The wood is in the list of rare wood. In Article 11. Provisions on the issue of a special transport permit are available if clarified.

1. When transporting rare and precious forest plants of Group IIA and rare wild animals belonging to Group IIB under Clause 8, Article 1, they must have special transportation permits.

2. A special transportation permit issued by the local Forest Protection Sub-department and entitled to extension of the permit.

3. Licensing procedures: The goods owners shall send official dispatches or applications for special-transportation consignment permits to their local Rangers Branches, clearly stating the origin, volume, quantity and types of timber and forest products. The place of departure, place of destination, time and means of transportation shall be attached with original vouchers of origin of timber and forest products.

If the dossiers of vouchers are fully examined, the ranger department shall immediately issue a special transportation permit, if not enough, instruct the customer to supplement the permit within 10 days at the latest. .A guide to log shipping procedures

According to Article 7: Procedures for transportation and storage of logs, sawn timber and horned logs from domestic natural forests of Decision 59/2005 / QD-BNN (issued on 10/10/2005) To inspect and control forest products, when transporting logs, it is necessary to have:

- Bill of sale of goods in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Finance. If the transportation is internal, must submit the internal transport bills of the organization.

- Must have a clear history of timber made by the organization: timber must have the hammer of the forest ranger in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in accordance with the curriculum vitae. If the timber is not up to the standard hammer stamp, the inspection report issued by the forest ranger at the logging site.